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The Leprosy Mission International-Bangladesh is only next to India in Asia in respect of the dimension of leprosy work. We operate under the banner of the National Leprosy Elimination Program (NLEP), which operates through the Leprosy and TB Coordinating Committee (LTCC), Read More

In early stages, leprosy is completely curable

In late stages, bacteria can be killed, but nerves are damaged.

Then the challenge is to prevent further damage

CARE for and ACCEPT people affected by leprosy.

TLM & Its History

Founded in 1874 by Mr. Wellesley Cosby Bailey, an Irish Missionary in Ambala, Punjab TLM International is the oldest organization committed to holistic rehabilitation of people affected by leprosy.
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What is Leprosy

The first signs are patches of skin which look paler than normal. Sometimes the person discovers nodules on the skin. It can be difficult to diagnose and sometimes people are not diagnosed ..
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A Bangladesh Without Leprosy

TLM has a total of 21* projects in Bangladesh. The TLM co-ordination office (The leprosy Mission International - Bangladesh) in Dhaka is responsible for overseeing the projects
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